Zoom Lecture:

In 1770 Sir William Stonhouse of Radley Hall paid Capability Brown £672. In 1847, the founders of Radley College chose the site because of the beauty of its landscape but had no idea it was by Capability Brown. In this talk, Clare Sargent, Head of Library and Archives at Radley College, looks at how that information was lost and the attempts to re-construct the landscape since its re-discovery in the 1950s.

Clare Sargent has worked for Radley College for 25 years, as Head of Library and Archives and a Classics teacher, most recently concentrating on her role as Archivist. She has published numerous articles on the history of the school and on historical bibliography. Her most recent works are a rediscovery of the work of Capability Brown at Radley Hall and, jointly with Radley Village History Club Radley manor and village: a 1000-year story’. She is currently writing Untold stories to celebrate the 175th anniversary of Radley College in 2022.

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